Manchego By Molly

Bringing custom artisan charcuterie boards to you!

Welcome to Manchego By Molly! Here, we can fulfill all of your charcuterie board needs. What is charcuterie you ask? Well, it is the art of preparing an assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, spreads, and more. Charcuterie boards are great for a plethora of gatherings such as dinner parties, large events, and even quiet dinners at home. 

Charcuterie Platters

Charcuterie platters are great for small dinners, appetizers, snacks, and more. Visit "Services" for more details on sizing and prices.

Charcuterie Tables

Charcuterie tables are great for large events and will make a wonderful conversation starter. They work as full-blown meals or appetizers too. Visit "Contact" to get in touch with us and start building your order. 

Charcuterie Board Classes

What's even better than charcuterie boards? Learning how to make your own! I can host a charcuterie board class for any event. Visit "Classes" for more details.

Charcuterie Cones!

Manchego By Molly is proud to introduce Charcuterie Cones! These cones are the perfect single-serving meat and cheese wonders. If you are hosting an event and looking for charcuterie that is covid-friendly, this is the perfect option for you! Starting at $8 per cone for an order of less than 30, and $5 per cone if you order more than 30. Visit the "contact" page to order yours today!

Manchego By Molly‚Äč at Gless Ranch

Manchego By Molly grab-and-go boxes are now available at Gless Ranch. Restock's happen on Friday's so be sure to get them while they are still there. The boxes retail for $17.99.

Gless Ranch is located at

19985 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside, CA 92508

About Manchego By Molly

Beginning in December of 2019, Manchego By Molly is a small business with it's roots in Riverside, CA. We service all throughout the Inland Empire. This one-woman-show is run by Molly Comer with the help of her mom, Holly Comer. Talk about a power duo! Here, we have the first-ever charcuterie board made by Manchego By Molly with the help of her family.



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